Line vs load on gfi software

Master electrician shows you where a gfi outlet tells you the answer. The load connection is visible from the time you pull it out of the package. Prepare the wires so they can be reconnected to the new gfci outlet. Why does gfi archiver not recognize faxes and sms from gfi faxmaker. Gfi software offers awardwinning it management software and hosted services for network, email and web security.

The import export tool can be run on another machine than the gfi archiver server. Gftr2w 20 amp tamperresistant selftest smartlockpro slim. Track location, speed, hours of service and more for everything from trucks and vans to heavy haulers and construction equipment. Faster than the import utility when moving large amounts of data, because the load utility writes formatted pages directly into the database. The line terminals are on one side of the ct, while the load terminals and. Gfci receptacle with two standard receptacles connected to its load. Load is where any devices that are to be protected by the gfci device are connected. We understand the challenges and opportunities you face. Load is the end user of what is supplied, meaning that which consumes the voltage and current in order to perform work. This is different from the load connections appearance. The line on a gfci breaker will be the input from the power box, the load will go to lights or a washing machine or other receptacles down the line. Or you can verify their general user satisfaction rating, 100% for clustercontrol vs. I worked at gfi software fulltime for more than a year. Electrical wiring faq part 1 of 2section what is a gfi.

Line is the side of the device where the wires from the panel or other equipment feeding the device are connected. Since gfi outsourced the first line of support, i now wait several hours or days for a response. Connecting to the line terminals only results in the outlet providing gfci. If the device doesnt change the voltage, current, or other operating conditions of the conductor such as protection or overloads, then the conductors on the line and load side would be the same size and type eg. Load terminals identified by color require the white load conductor or conductors to connect to the silver load terminal and the black load conductor or conductors to connect to the brass load terminal. Before installing gfi faxmaker, you will need to decide which type of line s you would like to use to send and receive faxes. The back of these outlets are clearly marked line and load. Disable iis or change the ports in use for the web sites gfi webmonitor takes the script located in the gfi webmonitor install directory, proxypac. Installing and testing a gfci receptacle with switch leviton. Gfi controls systems formerly know as teleflexgfi develops and globally sells systems and components that allow internal combustion engines to operate on alternative fuels such as propane lpg and natural gas cng. And its our business to help you to succeed, while saving you time and money. Bitbucket vs gfi languard 2020 comparison financesonline. Gfi software has been providing email security in the form of gfi mailessentials and gfi mailsecurity.

Additionally, if iis is running, and uses port 80 for the default or other websites, gfi webmonitor will not be able to use the port. Gfi software develops easier, smarter and affordable enterpriseclass it solutions for businesses. All about gfci outlets and how to install them yourself. How do i wire a gfci receptacle using two black wires and two white wires. Most newer gfci devices will not reset if they are not connected probably.

Line and load have special meaning when wiring groundfault circuitinterrupter gfci outlets. Please see the gfi webmonitor end of life status article for more information. Line and load to same gfci receptacle home improvement stack. Also inspect the load side black and white conductors for damage and make sure the ground conductor is not coming into contact with any other screws on the receptacle. On the other hand, load refers to devices on the same circuit that are downstream of the one in question. Gfi faxmaker for exchange also allows copies of any junk faxes to be stored in a specified folder, just in case.

We strive for 100% accuracy and only publish information about file formats that we have tested and validated. Line or loada gfci connection choice advance electrical. Serving more than 200,000 companies, gfis portfolio includes network security, patch and vulnerability management, antispam, faxing and archiving solutions. As with the line connections, the hot wire of the load cable connects to the black or brass terminal on the outlet. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at gfi software. At no point do we use a database to store files, pointers to files or file meta data. The npp20 pl is capable of switching loads up to 20 amps for general purpose receptacle load via an internal latching relay designed with robust protection. Interchanging the line and load wires on a conventional outlet has no effect on the outlet, but doing so on a gfi outlet renders the breaker ineffective and creates a dangerous situation because the outlet wont. Furthermore, fax server solutions such as gfi faxmaker allow you to store faxes on disk, archive and generate reports on faxes. How do i wire a gfci receptacle using two black wires and two. New gfci technology issues electrical contractor magazine.

Electrical wiring faq part 1 of 2section what is a gfi gfci. Mysql is installed on the server and tied into iis. Gfi support sucks general software forum spiceworks. Gfci line and load explained electrical receptacle youtube. Try attaching different load and see if that improves performance. Our goal is to help you understand what a file with a. Gfi software released gfi mailessentials 2015, an evolution of the email security platform that adds major enhancements including scalability and load. An abnormal overvoltage test that requires the gfci not become a fire or. Copy the folder \ gfi \archiver\marc import export from the gfi archiver server to a remote machine where you have microsoft outlook installed run the tool from the remote machine by launching marcimportexport. Go to this link, click login and key in your gfi account credentials rightclick the newly downloaded installer and choose properties. The qo gfi is groundfault protection for personnel and must trip in the 46 ma range. Editing a processing rule clears the log names setting youtube is set to always allowed but videos do not load when kaspersky is not. Like most of the solutions from gfi software, gfi faxmaker for exchange also includes a dedicated monitoring tool.

You may also find that some gfi afci devices are more sensitive than others. What is better gfi languard or indusoft web studio. The line side can be called an input, and the load side can be called an output. The smartlockpro selftest gfci tests itself even if you forget. Protected receptacles will be connected to the gfci load side as shown below. A gfci uses a current transformer to detect the difference between the line current supplied to the load and the neutral current returning from. Here its also possible to match their all round scores. Ground fault circuit interrupters gfci s implement line. Connect and secure the black wire to the line pair of wires on the gfci outlet with wire nuts and wrap each connection with electrical tape.

Thus, a whole string of outlets can be covered by a single gfci outlet. Line is the wire going from a current source into a switch. The other set will be the load, which carries power to additional outlets on the same circuit. Gfci tripping with no load when connected to power terry. Gfi languard is a complete vulnerability management solution, which allows you to scan, detect, assess and rectify security vulnerabilities on your network. Hom excludes those with suffix gfi, epd, afi, cafi and df. Gfi faxmaker can be used with analog lines, digital isdn lines and faxoverip.

Push the test button on the first gfci starting in the garage. The gifi file type, file format description, and mac and windows programs listed on this page have been individually researched and verified by the fileinfo team. The load side can be used to protect all devices downstream from it. Company is driven by quantity metrics rather then quality metrics. Jan 07, 2011 many fax server solutions give you the ability to implement clustering and load balancing for highvolume and faulttolerant fax transmission. Wiring a gfci outlet how to wire line and load schematics. Chasing ghost trips in gfciprotected circuits fluke. Gfi systems offers a variety of gps tracking and electronic logging devices eld to better manage your fleet. Compare gfi languard vs indusoft web studio 2020 financesonline.

Furthermore, you can check which one has higher general user satisfaction rating. When you connect only to the line terminals, the outlet provides gfci protection only for itself. I thought my eyesight was failing when i tried to read line and load in. Designed to meet the latest ul standard for automonitoring selftest our complete line of selftest gfcis periodically conduct an automatic internal test to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault. Click download upgrade above to download the latest build on the server where gfi mailessentials is currently installed download the latest build of gfi mailessentials on the server where gfi mailessentials is currently installed. Gfi unlimited is a subscription option that unlocks access to a wide range of software available on the gfi library, through a single subscription. Updating your software solutions to the latest version provides a safer, issuefree and smoothrunning experience. Copy the folder \ gfi \archiver\marc import export from the gfi archiver server to a remote machine where you have microsoft outlook installed. Today i wanted to talk about the difference between the terms line and load. A second meaning for load is the magnitude of the energy consumed by the devices on the circuit. When it comes to ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, commonly known as gfci outlets, there is always a question as to how to connect the wires to them. This power pack also has two available options the base unit powers off of line voltage, but does not provide nlight bus power.

We suggest that you put some effort and study their unique features and figure out which one is the better choice for your company. Gfi languard 12 vs manageengine desktop central 9 5 manageengine desktop central 9 weaknesses gfi languard 12 strengths focused on remote management while most features overlap with languard, manageengine desktop central is a remote management tool providing feature like patch management, software deployment, remote. Pretty disappointing because, although the customer support did lack, the gfi endpoint security software did work well for a number of years. What is the maximum total length of load wire that can be used with. Gfi outlet, circuit breaker trips after ups or surgearrest is connected. One set of wires will be the line, or power supply.

I wont mention the ground wires, but hook them up also or just leave them connected, there wont be any reason to futz with them. There is a piece of tape that covers the terminal screws, often yellow in color. Why is the smtp authentication option grayed out in the gfi faxmaker fax message form. Faxmaker monitor provides access to two utilities, server monitor and queued faxes. The two pairs of connections on a gfci outlet are not symmetric. Serving more than 200,000 companies, gfi s portfolio includes network security, patch and vulnerability management, antispam, faxing and archiving solutions.

Reset the gfci by pressing the reset button on the outlet until it clicks into place. Our solutions enable it administrators to easily and effic. A reverse line load miswire test that requires the gfci to trip when miswired. Nov 01, 2016 various configuration scenarios fit companies differently.

This miswiring is indicated by the reset button not staying in when pressed. Using the load connection requires two cables in the gfcis electrical box. Jul 17, 2017 the line and load terminals are clearly marked on such a switch, and the live circuit wire must always be connected to the line terminal. It provides you the competitive advantage of powering your business needs through one simple and powerful system. Gfi software is a system security solution for networks, applications and communications.

In this video, i talk about the difference between the line and load on a gfci electrical receptacle. It is important to know which is which before beginning. With the slimmest profile on the market, the device allows for fast and easy installation, while levitons patented reset lockout mechanism prevents reset of the gfci if it is not wired or operating correctly. The service panel also has line and load connectionsthe line feeds the main breaker in the panel, while the individual branch circuit breakers can be considered the load, with respect to the main breaker. How to run the gfi archiver import export tool from another machine the import export tool can be run on another machine than the gfi archiver server. At the second device, the line is the power source coming in from the first device. What is the difference between qogfi breakers and the qoepd. Cached versus online mode which one is better for you. Gfi software restructures to create logicnow and gfi.

Troubleshooting web proxy autodiscovery wpad issues gfi. The qoepd is for equipment protection and will trip when ground leakage is 30 ma or more. Load essentially means using the protected power opposed to supplying the power. Gfci devices use a current transformer ct, to detect any current differences between the hot and neutral conductors. For instance, you can contrast gfi languard and cloudflare for their tools and overall scores, in this case, 8. Have you received suspect emails requesting immediate confirmation of gfi accounts. The junction of the garagestring and the housestring fortuitously is in one of the garage outlets, so i replaced that receptacle with a seymourlegrand gfci receptacle, hooking the line from the service panel and the housestring to the line side of the gfci, and the garagestring to the load side. Modem not initializing why is the reporting tab missing from the gfi faxmaker web ui. Gfi software develops quality it solutions for businesses with up to 1,000 users. They ship with transmissions reports which advise whether a fax was sent or. He or she should be qualified to make the installation. If this does confuse you a little bit, then get the free download that ive created to help you understand the concept a little more. Gfci circuit breaker trips after ups or surgearrest. Gfi security enables it administrators to fix network vulnerabilities, install missing patches, enhance web security and protection, and prevent malware.

One is the line cable that connects to the gfcis line terminals. Gfi has reached endofengineering for their gfi endpoint security software as well. You can try to replace the gfciafci device and see if this solves the problem. On this page we help you with choosing the best service, by allowing you to assess gfi languard and indusoft web studio down to the very details of their individual offers. Gfi languard vs cloudflare 2020 comparison financesonline. The smartlockpro selftest gfci is the smart choice in ground fault circuit interrupter protection. Used to be one of the best software companies in malta ever since joe lehmandt and aurea took over there has been nothing but bad news. It leaves the meter from the load side and then feeds the line side of a disconnect or electrical service panel. Lineload reversal will leave power on at the gfci, with no gfci protection. About wiring to line and load on the receptacle diagram. What is the difference between load and line wires. When upgrading to a newer version of gfi archiver, installation files mentioned in this procedure will be overwritten with default versions making the changes void and ineffective.

Whether your outlook users will be using cached or online mode depends on a wide range of factors. The incoming power feed must be connected to the line side, or the outlet will not be protected. Load is the wire going from the switch to the device. A test to verify that proper operation of the gfci cannot be prevented by manipulation of the gfci controls. It also provides the tools to remediate vulnerabilities and install missing patches on the network. White terminal silver connection for the line cables white wire. You may want to take into consideration the type of routing that you would be using to route incoming faxes when selecting the type of line. Detailed instructing by choosing, installing, and wiring a gfci outlet. This is a pretty simple concept to understand once youve been in the industry for a little bit, but i know that it can be confusing to some of the apprentices out there. Many fax server solutions give you the ability to implement clustering and load balancing for highvolume and faulttolerant fax transmission. A gfci outlet, properly installed, will protect all the outlets on the load side.

Gfi software pioneers powerful, awardwinning it solutions for small and mediumsized businesses and we make them affordable and easy to use. Mar 23, 2014 since gfi outsourced the first line of support, i now wait several hours or days for a response. Onpremise solutions choosing whether to put your email security in the cloud or host it on premise is a major decision. As with the line connection, when you look on the back of the gfci, there is a labeled area designating the load connection. Sometimes as gfi afci devices age they will drift out of tolerance. If you can share it to the network with a unc path and format it with ntfs then you can use it as second line storage. The gfci load side wires also provide short circuit and shock protection to those outlets so there is no need to install gfci outlets on each of them. Gfcis have two pairs of screw terminals for connecting wires. Test the other receptacles in the garage, kitchen, bathrooms, basement, and outside, including other gfcis, to see if power was shut off. How to run the gfi archiver import export tool from another. Any receptacles that lost power are connected to the load side of this first gfci. With the gfi upgrade center, you can discover how easy it is to upgrade to the latest versions. The other cable connects to the load terminals to bring power downstream to additional outlets and other devices on the circuit.

You see, gfci s have two terminals on each side, one side the neutral connection and the other the hot wire connection, and a ground terminal on. Use of smartups and backups with gfi gfci receptacles or. Analyze their high and low points and find out which software is a better choice for your company. Why does gfi languard fail to install the agent on a remote. Xcapi software switches to the demo mode after gfi faxmaker upgrade xcapi does not show more than 30 lines in monitor. Still the responsibility is with the installer, whether it be an electrician, apprentice or homeowner. Simply input the loads for your sub panels and the program will create a 1 line drawing. Gfi outlets line and load terminals are also clearly marked on a ground fault interrupting outlet because the outlet contains a breaker that interrupts the current when it detects a current surge. What does it mean when one wire goes into load, and one.

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